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UV sterilizer goes off-line

We took our UV out-of-service. The bulb stop lighting … again. Will troubleshoot later.

The UV was there primarily for one fish, a Copper Band Butterfly. After a couple of good years, we lost it. Perfectly healthy, eating. Next day, stopped eating. The next day, gone. Nothing visible.

The UV seemed to us to make a significant difference. For example, the fins and eyes on the CB were always just perfect. From beginning we had to try everything to get this fish to eat, and then from that point on it was hand fed multiple times per day. Black worms and shell fish were favorites.

All remaining fish are easy to keep. The CB is the first and only fish or invert we have lost in years.

When we see a CB at an LFS, we try to pick it up since we know we will have much more success than the average reef keeper. In fact, the LFS will usually give it to us for free, or nearly free just to rid themselves of the burden.

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