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One of the biggest problems

The post below illustrates one of the biggest problems with this hobby/industry and one of the biggest frustrations and roadblocks for beginners.

A question is frequently answered with another question, and it is almost always “what do you want to keep?”.  The next time someone asks you that, say, “I want to keep it alive!”.

The person asking probably has no idea yet what they want to keep, and the person answering just wants to pontificate.  The next thing you will hear is a bunch of pseudo-science and big words from the self-appointedquestion-question “gurus”.

If the hobby “fixed” this monster issue, many more would start reefkeeping and far fewer would quit inside a year.  Everyone would benefit — manufacturers, vendors with more volume and hobbyists with lower prices and less stress and frustration.

By the way, no offense intended toward the “reef geeks” and “gurus”. 🙂


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