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More on the 200 build stand

The stand is not perfect but it “works” in the room, so we proceed. The stain was too light, but we decide to accept it as is.

What can go wrong did go wrong. When ordering the tank, the builder said he had a stand he would “give us” a deal on the stand.  We originally requested  36x36x30″H stand dimensions for the 36x36x24″H tank.  A little lower than a typical 36″ height to make the display tank (DT) easier to work in.  The builder’s already assembled stand was reported to us to be 36x36x36″H  (remember those words).  The builder offered to sand and stain to suit and we accepted.

The builder matched the stain to a piece of furniture (shipped to the builder, matched and returned) from the room where the 140 would be.
A few days before delivery, one of those 2am uh ohs.  Do we have a 36″+ wide door ??? The house has front and back single wide exterior doors, but no sliding glass patio doors or wide 1st floor windows. To date, all our stands and tanks have had 24″ and 30″ longest sides.  Will the new stand (our 3rd major system) fit?  What do you think?  Of course not!  The widest door, jam-to-jam is about 35 1/2″ wide and clearly <36″.

The Lesson: measure everything … twice, don’t assume, don’t be afraid to ask everyone involved to measure … at least twice.

Stay tuned for the solution. How did we get the stand into the house?


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