Poly Filter

This piece of Poly Filter turned light brown (light brown sugar) after a few days.  Basic water tests show no ammonia, no nitrates prior to use.
Cross-section shows color all the way through.

How long should it last?  Some reports say a few weeks to months or until it turns black.  Waiting to hear from the manufacturer.

Majestic Aquariums says, “Yes it goes brown quick, replace when black”


We have been using chaeto for many years in a refugium.  For us, the finer strain mats-up, breaks-up and collects detritus, but grows quickly.  Image result for chaetomorpha linum vs. grassa



Because they are relatively inexpensive, some reefkeepers make the mistake of using two heaters for redundancy when in fact they are INCREASING the chance of frying their tank.

Look for heaters that employ a thermostat technology more likely to “fail OFF”, then “fail ON”.