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Wholesale Price Check

FYI. Here are few recent wholesale prices in the marketplace. Kole Tang S/M – $8 Chevron Tang S/M – $49 Evansi Anthias – $12

Wrasses and a sand bed

We  get this question frequently. Our research shows the following DO require a sand  bed or at least a “sand box”.   Anampses, Coris, Halichoeres, Macropharyngodon, Pseudojuloides, Thalassoma

Gem Tang

Recently advertised for sale at $1,650!

Coral Beauty

We recently added a Coral Beauty to our 180 display tank. This is a beautiful fish and a great addition.  She picks more algae off the rocks than tangs and makes a noticeable difference...

Cleaner Wrasse

We think this fish is worth a try even though generally regarded as “difficult”, or “expert”. For us, in addition to cleaning and picking at other fish, it appears to have an overall calming...

Copperband Butterfly

Our CBB is now eating krill.  Not sure why, but he just started today. So far, he eats blood worms (favorite), Mysis, and krill. All frozen from Hikari.  Also, he still hunts down and annihilates...

Copperband Butterfly – food

Will he eat?  We now know he eats aiptasia (that was why we got him).  From day one though, he would NOT eat frozen foods.  Luckily, we had some live brine which he went after, but...