SCRIPPS Water, San Diego

The stated purpose for this water supply is “UCSD students”.  Why don’t they come out with a definitive yes or no re: public consumption?  Why continue to field calls and emails?

Maybe the water is on and has been on — for the intended audience.

Tiered Utility Costs

For example, if you are in San Diego, CA, Tier 3 usage is a big jump.

Residential Electric Rate — Tiers Breakdown By Summer/Winter

Residential Electric Rate


Total standard electric
rates per kWh

    Summer Winter
Baseline * Tier 1 13¢ 13¢
101% to 130% of baseline Tier 2 15¢ 15¢
131% to 200% of baseline Tier 3 27¢ 26¢
Above 200% of baseline Tier 4 29¢ 28¢

Scripps water contruction update

On-site visit today. Interviewed construction workers.
Minimum time to completion of construction is four (4) weeks.  Please check back for more details, pictures, and updates.

Also got more info on where the water comes from and what is done to it before it reaches Birch tanks.