Reef aquarium temperature range

The debate continues!  Most of the fish and corals we might keep come from the Coral Triangle where temperatures range from the low to mid 80’s F.  It’s tempting to raise the temperature to cut back on chiller use for example. But, in a small closed system, like a reef tank, other problems caused by higher temperatures could conspire to do damage.

So, “If We Had to Pick One”: 80F

New Model from EcoTech Marine

Introducing the MP60

EcoTech Marine, the company that revolutionized the reef aquarium propeller pump, previewed their newest product, the MP60w ES, today at MACNA (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America) in Orlando, FL.

The MP60 is engineered for tanks holding 120 to over 1,000 gallons with up to one-inch glass thickness. The MP60 uses the same award-winning technology that has made EcoTech Marine’s VorTech line the number one brand of pump among reef aquarium enthusiasts. Capable of pushing 5,500/gph, the MP60 offers the smallest in-tank footprint for a commercially available pump.

SCRIPPS Water, San Diego

The stated purpose for this water supply is “UCSD students”.  Why don’t they come out with a definitive yes or no re: public consumption?  Why continue to field calls and emails?

Maybe the water is on and has been on — for the intended audience.