Copperband Butterfly – food

Will he eat?  We now know he eats aiptasia (that was why we got him).  From day one though, he would NOT eat frozen foods.  Luckily, we had some live brine which he went after, but that won’t do in the long run.

We’ll keep trying different foods and report back.

Copperband Butterfly

About a week now and CBB is doing well.  In less than 4 days, he wiped out ALL aiptasia.  We’re now looking for more!  Never thought we would ever say that.

Very interesting in that his strike doesn’t cause the aip to retract.  If you ever poked one, you know they immediately withdraw.  Not so when the CBB strikes.  Not sure why, but it appears the strike is lightning fast and seems like the aip is stunned. Goes kind of limp.  A tentacle is gone, and a long hair like string remains that soon dis-appears.  More pics and/or movies on the way.

Question:  Does a Copperband eat aiptasia?
Answer: A resounding YES — at least for this one.

Copperband Butterfly – day one

After a long drip acclimation, in the tank he goes.  The yellow tang (and only tang) goes after him immediately.  The large maroon clown that ordinarily “mugs” any new fish ignores the CBB entirely. Cooperband raises the spines on his back and the tang moves on.

Less than 60 seconds in the tank and Copper has found both shrimp – fire and coral banded – looking for a cleaning.

Copper slides into the “car wash” and the shrimp goes to work.  You can just make out the antennae and legs of the shrimp.  More pics and movies to follow.

Copperband Butterfly – day one

An LFS made us an offer we couldn’t refuse on one of our favorite fish. This particular specimen had been eating but was in less than perfect condition.  Drip acclimating for about an hour.  Going from 1.020 salinity to our 1.025 mixed reef tank. One key is to get a large Copperband to start with.  Will he survive?  Will he eat other than live foods?  Will he eat aiptasia ???