Water will leak!


Continuing the theme.  If it can leak, it will!

Believe it or not, one of the plastic filter canisters in our RO/DI system broke at the neck and dropped to the floor with a bang.  Once when the plastic shattered and once when it hit the floor.  Believe it or not, we happened to be home AND someone was in the kitchen when it broke mid-day.  A quick turn of the water shut-off valve and damage was contained.

Let this be one of many lessons we learned the hard way.  We were lucky … this time.

Fresh water top-off

auto-top-offWe don’t employ an auto top-off system.  In part, because we don’t ever leave water running. 🙂

Reef keeping proves Murphy’s Law.  If it can leak, or break, or go wrong, IT WILL!
Keep it simple, inexpensive, and low stress.  Minimize the number of sub-systems.

The ReefKeeper is the auto top-off system.  We keep some RO/DI water made-up and just dump in a gallon every day or every other day.  Previously, we calculated the approx. evaporation rate and setup a constant drip system.

Salinity?  We don’t worry about it.  It drifts, but not by much and not quickly.

Mist the Mangroves

179As part of your periodic maintenance, don’t forget to mist the leaves of the mangroves.

This removes excreted salt.

We use RODI water since tap water leaves behind mineral deposits.