A new build

We have received many requests for a KIS (keep it simple) system from scratch.

One of the first steps in a new build is finding the suppliers.  This step alone can be very time consuming and can add weeks sometimes months to a project.  Follow along as we identify our suppliers and build a KIS system.

System #3 is underway

We made a few mistakes with our Tank #1 and solved many of them with the proverbial Tank #2.  Tank #2 evolved to System #2 when we tacked on an external fuge.

System #3 is now underway and our plan is to “fix” some of the problems, albeit minor, with Tank #2.

Please check back from time-to-time.  Hopefully we can save other reef keepers some time, money and stress.

Preview:  System #3 will be a coordinated and integrated display tank AND external display refugium.  And as usual, as simple as possible and practical.

Tank Design

We did two surface drains for our 180 KIS.

Did not want to drill the bottom of a glass tank.
One less thing to worry about.

Research what others have done so you don’t have to learn the hard way and setup the proverbial “2nd tank” or even 3rd.