Sand bed

From ReefCentral …

” I used an aragonite sand bed, and due to the use of the calcium reactor, it solidified after 3 to 4 years, so I had to disassemble the tank.

My second tank, it’s featured on page 345 of Julian Sprung’s 3rd book, had a 1,000 liter capacity (264 US gallons) and was focused on stony corals. Again, after 3 years, the Halimeda sand bed crashed, which took me to my third coral tank. Again about 1,000 liters for the display (+1,500 liter on circulation tanks). This time I used 12 to 15 cm of Samoa pink sand bed, which crashed again after 3.5 years. February 2007 I assembled my first bare-bottom system, so I could keep it for longer time.”