Turtle population on the mend

“The findings of our research show that juvenile hawksbill turtles are thriving at Glover’s Reef– extremely good news for this endangered species,” Virginia Burns Perez, the Wildlife Conservation Society’s technical coordinator in Belize, said...

MACNA 2016

What a show!  The main takeaway for us:  The industry has matured. Quality products, useful products, and no one “throwing shade”. More for the show including pics to follow shortly.

Live food

The folks at LiveBrineShrimp now have a more affordable USPS Priority Mail shipping option. For their LBS-1 (¼ pound or 25,000 ) live brine shrimp: “NOW YOU CAN HAVE THIS PACKAGE FOR $29.95 DELIVERED INCLUDING FREIGHT,...

Hermit crabs on the move

Hermit crabs are finding it more and more difficult to move up, so a Japanese company pre-fabbed some new homes and did some advertising too.

Copperband Butterfly

Our CBB is now eating krill.  Not sure why, but he just started today. So far, he eats blood worms (favorite), Mysis, and krill. All frozen from Hikari.  Also, he still hunts down and annihilates...


Kessil® Lighting, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality LED aquarium lights, proudly announces the release of the A360N and A360W models.