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Reef keeping made easy. Your on-line consultant for beginner to intermediate reef keepers and saltwater fish systems ranging in size from 50 to 200 gallons.

Dozens of gotchas, myths, misconceptions, rule-breakers, FAQs, and more. For the DIY’er, use our free content for most everything you will need to get set up and stay operational.

Only one way

There are NOT many ways to set up and maintain a reef tank. There is only ONE way and that’s the right way. A few variations, but still only one right way.

The gotchas

It seems our BrainTrust has seen and heard them all …

Myths and misconceptions, tricks and techniques, how would I know that! What does this mean to you — Schedule 80, Schedule 40, slip, MPT, threaded, FPT, vinyl, PVC, bulkhead, tank adapter, Sears, stand pipe, … mean to you? We’re talking about one single drain hole in the entire system.

This changes everything!

The results of a year-long study of our KIS Reef Keeping (“keep it simple!”) will be posted on our blog.  Many beginners to intermediate reef keepers should be quite happy with the results. In any event, reef keeping is possibly the discipline with the most myths, misconceptions, and pseudo-science.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

You simply don’t need an expensive, time-consuming, Rube Goldberg contraption with many points of potential failure and trouble.